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If you are new to caravaning then you probably have a lot of questions. We have tried to answer the most common questions that we are asked. If you have questions that we have not answered, please feel free to call us on 01745 560 279 and we will be pleased to help you.

  • Buying a static caravan

    The most important step to buying a static caravan in North Wales or anywhere else in the country is to find the right park.  Parks vary from quiet idyllic caravan parks like Tree Tops to busy all action parks and you really need to think about what you really want.  Tree Tops offers a haven of peace and quiet, a location with beautiful gardens and stunning views across rolling fields and out across the Dee estuary and the Irish Sea.  If you would like to know more about owning a caravan on our park, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01745 560279, we will be happy to help.

  • Do you have any information you can send me?

    Yes, we’ll be pleased to send you a brochure pack.

    You can request a Tree Tops Brochure by filling out the form on the contact us page of our web site or by calling Tree Tops on 01745 560279.

  • How large is the park?

    Tree Tops is set in around 15 acres, in total we have 154 static caravan and 12 lodge pitches which makes us a small-to-medium size caravan park.

  • Tents, tourers and holidays

    Unfortunately we do not have facilities for Tents or Tourers on the park and as all of the caravans on the park are privately-owned we do not have caravans available for subletting. 

  • How long is your season?

    The season at Tree Tops is nine months and one week. The park is open from March 1st to December 7th.

    Our Orchard Meadow lodge development will be open for just over 10 months from 1st March to January 15th.

  • What are the annual running costs?

    We charge you separately for pitch fee, insurance, rates, gas and electric.  It’s hard for us to come up with an exact figure as things like electricity are charged based upon how much you use.

    For the 2015 season the pitch fee for static caravans will be between £2,900 and £3400 inc VAT depending upon the area of the park you choose. Most pitches cost on average £2,700.  Pitch fees for lodges on our Orchard Meadow development are between £3,800 and £4000.  Council Business Rates, Refuse & Water are charged at £330, for the period 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016 season.  Insurance would depend upon the value of the caravan that you purchase.

    To get a better idea of the costs involved please contact us and will be happy to help you. 

  • How much do caravans cost?

    We have a range of caravans to suit most budgets, we try and have good selection of new and pre-owned units.

  • Can I arrange my insurance through the Park?

    Yes, most of our customers have opted for the Park’s preferred supplier Compass Insurance. We have worked with Compass Insurance for over 25 years and have always found them to be an excellent insurance provider. It is a requirement of the Park rules that all caravans are adequately insured, if you choose not to insure through the Park you will be required to provide a copy of your insurance documents each year.

  • Do you only sell new caravan holiday homes?

    No, we invariably have good second-hand caravans in a range of prices. Sadly we can’t predict what second-hand caravans we will have at any time, but if you are looking for a caravan with specific features or within a particular price range we will happily take your details and call you when a suitable caravan becomes available.

  • What models of caravan holiday home do you supply?

    We try to stock a good selection of caravans from various manufacturers. If we don’t have the model you are looking for then we will happily talk to our suppliers on your behalf to source a caravan that meets your needs.  If you are not sure which make and model of caravan holiday home would suit you best then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Do we get any kind of agreement or contract for the pitch / caravan?

    From January 2007 we have used the standard contract produced by our trade association, the BH&HPA.  This contract has been reviewed by the Office of Fair Trading to ensure that it is fair and balanced and protects your interests.

  • What facilities do you have on the park?

    We have a laundrette, a library and a children’s play area and WiFi available across the park. We also have beautiful landscaped gardens complimented with lots and lots of peace and quiet. We don’t have a club or a swimming pool, but these kind of thing are not too far from the Park if you want them.

  • Can I have decking installed on my caravan?

    In most cases you will be able to have decking installed, however before construction begins you must have your plans approved by one of the Directors to ensure that is complies with the Park rules and fire regulations. 

    We only allow the construction of decks made out of UPVC as the metal and wooden ones can be a hazard when trying to move them.  Wooden decks can also pose a fire risk.  We have opted to work with AB Sundecks, who are one of the market leaders, the quality of its products and service are second to none.

  • Can I speak to other caravan owners on the Park?

    We always encourage you to talk to our customers as we believe that they are the best form of recommendation for the Park and we sure they will tell you what a great place Tree Tops is.

  • What length of contract will you allow me?

    We will generally give a 20 year contract when you purchase a new static caravan from us.  if you purchase a lodge or a caravan costing in excess of £50,000 then longer contracts will be given.  Please contact us details.

  • What happens when my caravan is 20 years old?

    When your caravan gets to 20 years old you will be able to choose to sell your caravan off site or ask the us to help you find a suitable replacement.  In truth, we have never had a caravan come to the end of its contract, as our customers tend to upgrade their caravans before the 20 years is up.

  • Can my friends and family visit me?

    Absolutely!  All we ask is that you let us know that they are coming.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes, in fact pets are the only reason that some of our customers have caravans. A caravan allows them to holiday with their pets rather than having to use kennels and catteries which some people and their pets find distressing. We don’t limit pets to just dogs, some of our customers bring their cats and we even have more exotic pets like parrots. We do reserve the right to refuse certain dangerous breeds and we do ask that all pets are controlled and for pets such as cats and dogs we ask that they have some form of identity tag.

  • Can I rent out / sub-let my caravan?

    Tree Tops does not allow any commercial letting, the Park’s management team believes that this is key to maintaining the security and the sense of community on the Park.  At Tree Tops you will always know who your neighbours are.  You can of course allow your family and close friends to use the caravan. 

  • Do I own the land my caravan is situated on?

    No, but you have the right to use the pitch as long as you pay your pitch fee and abide by the Park rules or until your contract expires.

  • Is a caravan a good investment?

    The simple answer is no, a caravan is not like bricks and mortar, it will depreciate. The first year is generally the worst time to sell your caravan. The long-term view is to compare the amount of usage you get from a caravan against the cost of holidays abroad and long weekends in hotels.  Pound for pound caravans are good value as long as you use them.

  • Do you employ sales people?

    We can happily say that we do not employ any sales people at all. You will be shown our caravans either by one of the Directors or one of the Park Wardens. We are only there to advise you on the Park’s facilities and the various models of caravan available. We strongly believe that the final decision should be yours to make without any pressure and in your own time. Many of our customers make several visits to the park before deciding on the right pitch and the right caravan, this is absolutely fine with us. 

  • What are your plans for Tree Tops?

    Tree Tops has been owned and operated by three generations of the same family.  We are committed to maintaining the quality of the park by continually investing in improvements.

  • Is there anything else we need to know about the Park?

    Tree Tops has won lots of awards over the years and this is all down to our commitment to quality and service. It is very diffucult for us to put into words what makes Tree Tops so different from other parks, some of our customers say it’s the gardens and landscaping, others say it’s people and the atmosphere. The truth is you really have to pay us a visit and experience it for yourself.

  • Can I stay in my caravan in the Closed Season?

    Whilst you can’t stay in your caravan you can visit it from time to time to ensure that everything is OK. The Park license issued by the local Council insists that we have a closed period as the Park is not meant for residential use.

  • Can I live in my caravan and make it my main residence?

    No, this is something we are very strict about. You must own an alternative property elsewhere; we cannot accept the addresses of relatives and friends. Your caravan can only be used for holiday and recreational purposes; this is set out in the Park licence issued by the local Council. The Park or the Council can terminate the contract of anyone they believe to be using a caravan on Tree Tops as a permanent residence.  For more information please take a look at our Caravan Usage document. 

  • Camp, Site or Park?

    Many people ask if we consider ourselves a Caravan Camp, a Caravan Site or a Caravan Park.  When the Tree Tops was originally opened we were known as a site, in those days we were simply a nice place to “Site” a caravan.  These days, mostly due to the fantastic landscaping we consider ourselves a “Park”.  One of the definitions we found of the word “Park” is as follows: a large area of land preserved in its natural state.  We think that this sums up Tree Tops very well.  Whilst we have some beautifully manicured areas, we balance this with areas sections kept wonderfully wild.  The wildlife on Tree Tops is thriving and we work hard to encourage and protect it.

  • What is your Access Statement?

    We at Tree Tops endeavour to make our Park as accessible as possible to all people, given the terrain, as we are on a hillside and have some slopes.

    As we develop new areas of the park we do so with extra spacing in mind and where possible we create dedicated parking by each caravan.  Where ever possible we have low curbs and with few steps.

    We have ramped access to all building including Reception, Launderette and the Main Office and we also have an accessible unisex toilet facilities.

    Caravans that are on sale on the park do not have ramped access.  However if you purchase a caravan we can arrange to have a purpose-built ramp installed.

  • Can we sell the caravan ourselves?

    Yes, but you must do so in line with your contract and Park rules issued by the BH&HPA and the person who buys your caravan needs to be approved by the Park Directors.

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Located in beautiful North Wales, just five minutes from Prestatyn, thirty-five minutes from Conwy and an hour from the Isle of Anglesey. Why not pay us a visit and see why Tree Tops is recognised as one of the best caravan parks in North Wales

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